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Abacus Data Systems Software for manufacturing and distribution companies

About Abacus
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E-Commerce is here. Are you ready?

Do you have a web store? Do you sell on Amazon? How about Salesforce or EDI? We can expand these sales channels. Our plug-ins are ready to go.

You will be able to move large numbers of products to various portals. We handle high volumes of orders from these channels. From order placement to shipment to settlement—fully automated.

Critical analytics at your service.

We can help you stay ahead of the market with our sales analytics. You will always be in the know.

Drill-down dashboards and analytic worksheets show you trends and pinpoint who is buying what. Strategic insights drive mail campaigns to promote sales.

Optimal inventory.

Achieve high service levels with minimal inventory. We can help you pick the most sensible reorder models.

We support various best-practice fulfillment methods: third-party logistics, vendor inventory, drop ship, pegged ship, etc. The goal is quick delivery at minimal inventory.

Earn customers. Keep them happy.

Stay close to your customers. iQuest connects your team with your customers to provide excellent services and increase sales.

We keep you informed at all times about every event you like to monitor. Your customers appreciate your attention.

About Abacus

Trusted partnership

Abacus is the original author of iQuest, a robust enterprise software (ERP system) targeting manufacturing and distribution companies. Industry analysts consider Abacus a leader in our market segment.

Since 1982, we have used the same valued approach when working with all of our customers: we listen, we ask, we understand, and we deliver.

Our software, iQuest, is proven technology that will enhance your work with customers and suppliers—technology that is reliable, scalable, and affordable.

The key differentiation in our service to you is our close attention. You get quick and helpful answers. We value your inputs and put them to work. That is how we win awards from industry associations and referrals from our customers.


Proven solution

Configurable. iQuest is fully integrated and modular in design. You choose the modules for your growth, at your own pace.

Adaptable. Countless parameters are available to tailor the system to your business without costly modifications.

Scaleable. Open design protects your investment in system and training. Your business growth is supported by incremental expansion.

Profitable. Quick ROI is achieved by ease of use and expert implementation. Top-rated support protects your system investment from obsolescence.

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iQuest is built for manufacturing and distribution industries. Each industry-specific configuration is integrated with financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), and business intelligence (BI) modules.

  • Manufacturing: Made-to-order. Made-to-stock. Outsourced Production.
  • Distribution: Multi-branch Distribution. Import Management.
  • Retail: POS. Field Sales.
  • Engineered-To-Order: Project based production.

View the PDF booklet about iQuest features.

Our Service

Top-rated support

Abacus provides you with expert training, trusted consulting, and on-going software development.

We offer the unique MD Service to keep your software current without disruption. We update your system bi-monthly, during off hours.  The updates are timely and the changes are fewer to learn.

Unique iQuest MD service features and benefits:

  • Bimonthly schedule = Timely changes
  • Off hours = Minimal disruption
  • Routine increments = Better user acceptance
  • Predictable cost savings

Our Customers

Industry focus

We are proud of the trusting relationship with our customers. They are growing and successful in various industry segments.

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Automobile accessories, nutritional supplements, & more...


Audio & video equipment, beauty supplies, & more...

Commercial Services

Books & films publishing, consumer electronics, & more...


Automobile Accessories

Books & Films Publishing

Cables & Wire

Consumer Electronics

Corrugated Container

Electrical Equipment

Home Safety Equipment

Lighting Fixture

Nutritional Supplements

Office Products

Safety Apparels

Sport Equipment

Trophies & Plaques


Audio & Video Equipment

Beauty Supplies

Books and Films

Cellular Phone

Children Safety Products

Commercial Machines

Computer Hardware

Computer Software


Construction Materials

Converted Paper Products

Electrical Parts



Home Security Equipment

Industrial Filters

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Minerals

Industrial Supplies


Lawn & Garden Supplies

Paper (Industrial)

Paper (Printing & Writing)

Plastic Containers

Toys & Hobby Goods

Valve & Pipe Fitting

Wines & Distilled Beverages

Commercial Services

Automobile Accessories

Books & Films Publishing

Cables & Wire

Consumer Electronics

Corrugated Container

Electrical Equipment

Home Safety Equipment

"Abacus customer support and development teams have played an integral role in both aligning our standard operating procedures, and in planning and developing customized solutions where needed. The gains in productivity have allowed us to grow without increasing staff levels, resulting in a quick ROI and a better bottom line."
— Michael Anderson, V.P., J.R. Carlson Laboratories, Inc.
"The broad range of services and breadth of knowledge provided by Abacus has helped our company resolve issues before they became major problems. It's hard to quantify, but I think our biggest measurement is that Abacus has helped us save money while providing professional service and support."
— Jason Bogner, CFO, Sharon Piping and Valves
"We find in Abacus an excellent combination of ERP knowledge of best practices, processes, technical soundness, spirit of cooperation and most importantly commitment to their delivery responsibilities. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others who are looking for a reliable ERP solution provider."
— Charles Crowther, President, Stoddard Silencers, Inc.